Monday, January 28, 2008

Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Good bye my friends, let's hope we see each other again!

What a great game.

Well no, maybe I shouldn't say that. After all, the ace attorney games barely qualify as being video games. There is no gameplay to really speak off really. Now I'm not complaining, I love it, but yeah, video games? Not so sure. Definitely more like interactive novels. Although Apollo Justice is being designed from the ground up for the DS, so I expect a lot more gameplay out of it, kinda like that great stuff there was in the last case of the first Ace Attorney game for the DS.

But really, lack of gameplay aside, AA3 is a great experience. It closes the Phoenix Wright trilogy with a bang and with great emotion, leaving me satisfied with all the hours I spent on the series so far. I still think the first game is better though, but that's kind of an unfair comparison since they added a whole new case in it that was DS only, while the other two games were straight ports. Without that last case, AA1 would be second behind AA3 for sure. One thing that is important about the series is that you just can't start with the second game or the third game. Someone who would try out the third game without having played the first and second would miss out on SO much stuff that it just doesn't make sense to do so. For anyone out there wanting to start playing this series, you have two choices: Start with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, or start with Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice. Although Phoenix is a big part of Justice (at least it seems so), I expect most of the storylines to revolve around the new cast of characters. Thus newcomers to the series won't feel left out.

I suggest you start out with the very first game though. I mean, they're all great, would be kind of a waste to miss out on all of that right? It would be kind like watching Dragon Ball Z without having seen Dragon Ball first. It can surely be done, but it's much more fun to start with the first series. On top of that Dragon Ball is much better than Dragon Ball Z IMO (at least the anime is).

Did I ever mention that I really liked the last episode of Dragon Ball GT? I really liked the sendoff they did for Goku, with the shots of him as a kid and all that. It was kind of neat! After nearly 300 episodes of almost crap I really needed that.

Ok back to AA. Now I'm ready to move on to Apollo Justice. Everything that could be told about Phoenix and his friends has been told during the first three games and now a new story begins in february. I can't wait. For now though, I'm here to say that Trials and tribulations was GREAT and a very fitting end to the Phoenix saga. I'd give it a....hmmm....9/10.

So far, this is how I rated the series:

AA1: 9.7/10
AA2: 8/10
AA3: 9/10

Not too shabby!

So what am I gonna play next? Well before starting Trials I was playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Honestly, I'm not too much into it. It's a good game, make no mistake about that, but it hasn't grabbed me. I'm honestly starting to believe that Strategy RPG's are not for me. Yeah, I was MADLY IN LOVE (ROFL, can I even say that about a video game?) with Final Fantasy Tactics about 10 years ago, but since then I haven't played ONE SRPG that I found up to my liking. Either FFT is that much better than everything else, or maybe afterwards I just suddenly stopped liking the genre without noticing.

We'll know soon enough, once I get my hands on the FFT re-release on the PSP. We'll know then and there if FFT was really something special or if I'm just crazy.

While I'm talking about the PSP, that new PSP they released about 5 months back is still slightly tempting me. I just like to always game on the best possible system. The problem with it is that there's like NO FREAKING IMPROVEMENTS? Ok well, the loading times got better...on select games. From what I understand, new games will greatly benefit from the 64mb of ram, but older games won't really because they weren't coded with the ram in mind. Some people tell me that it doesn't make sense because on a computer adding ram ALWAYS improved the system.

The PSP ain't a PC people. It's a game console, and games for consoles are always tightly coded with a specific set of hardware in mind. Console games probably have their memory management hardcoded in them, meaning that doubling the ram for those games won't do squat.
Some people are saying that the screen looks better than the old PSP, but hey, why am I not reading anything about that? Sony never mentioned replacing the screens. On top of that, can the colors actually be BETTER on that thing? Plus, the biggest problem with the screen wasn't the coloring, it was the freaking refresh rate. Just moving in an RPG game makes you dizzy since everything becomes bluuuuuuurryyyyyyyy. God damn that's annoying, and I KNOW they haven't fixed that in the new PSP. Yeah they added a freaking TV out, but really what's the point? I have a hard time seeing myself playing my PSP on my pc monitor. I like to cuddle on my sofa with my dog when playing a portable game.

Plus, I haven't really yet played a PSP game with the notable exception of Lumines. If at a certain point I realize that the refresh rate (or the loading) is making PSP games near unplayable, maybe I'd be more interesting in playing it on my monitor.

..ok so to come back to my "what am I gonna play next" post, since I'm not too hot about Fire Emblem, I don't feel like going back to it. So I have three choices I'd say:

1. Twilight Princess. Yeah, pretty good choice I'd say.
2. Mega Man X Collection. Light stuff, good choice too.
3. God of War. Really good choice...but it's a PS2 game.

I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to finish everyone of my GC game. I have three games left at the moment: Fire Emblem, Twilight Princess and MMX Collection. So playing God of War is sort of weird since it's a PS2 game, but at the same time it ain't weird because my friend lent it to me.

The more I think about it, the more I think I don't have a choice. I can't finish my GC games, and then go back to Ultima without having played God of War. It's disrespectful to your friends to just keep their games for 6 months without playing them. Usually, when someone graciously lends you one of their games, you should play the game right away and give it back to him as soon as possible. So I think I'm going to dive into God of War, finish that quickly (I know it's a rather short game, maybe a week of good gaming at the most), and give it back to him. Afterwards I'll see what I want to do with my three remaining GC games.

Okay I'm tired of writing!

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